Frequently Asked Questions and Answers are listed below. If you still have questions, contact David Bessette, Chair, Florida Solar Energy Apprenticeship Program or Colleen Kettles, Secretary, Florida Solar Energy Apprenticeship Program.


Why should I participate in the Florida Solar Energy Apprenticeship Program?

The solar apprenticeship gives contractors in Florida a higher level of confidence that their employees will receive a well-rounded education and relevant training leading to a highly competent worker who will become an asset to their company.

How much will it cost me to participate in the solar apprenticeship program?

Participating Employers will be responsible for paying the wages of the apprentice according to the Apprenticeship Standards, which includes periodic pay increases as the apprentice moves through the program. The Employer will also be expected to contribute to the cost of training the apprentice.

What documentation do I need to fill out?

The Employer will be required to complete the Florida Department of Education’s “Apprenticeship Participating Employer’s Agreement.” In addition, the employer will be responsible for providing the apprenticeship administrator (FSEC) with documentation necessary to track the employee’s progress in on the job training and other measures of success. The Employer Handbook can be found here [link].

Prospective Apprentices

How long will it take me to complete the solar apprenticeship program?

The Apprenticeship is a two-year program consisting of 2000 hour of on the job training each year and 148 hours of related technical instruction (classroom/virtual) each year.

How do I know what companies are participating in the program?

Participating Employers will be accepted into the program and we will post their contact information on this website.

How much can an apprentice expect to get paid?

Apprentices will earn a prevailing wage that is a percentage of the wage paid to a solar journeyworker. Periodic increases in the wage rate will be made as the apprentice successfully progresses through the program.