The Florida Solar Energy Industries Association (FlaSEIA) partnered with the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC), also known as the FSEC Energy Research Center, to develop the Florida Solar Energy Apprenticeship Program.

The Florida Department of Education approved the solar apprenticeship in February 2022, and registered it with the U.S. Department of Labor. Questions? Contact Colleen Kettles.

Apprenticeship Committee

NameCompanyCommittee Role
David BessetteEnergy Technology ServicesChairman
David ClickESA SolarParticipating Employer
Scott EgglefieldMirasol SolarParticipating Employer
Bill GallagherSolar-FitParticipating Employer
Rick GilbertSolar SourceVice Chairman
Colleen McCann KettlesFSECSecretary
Chris MaingotSolar SourceParticipating Employer
Daniel Wagner15 LightyearsParticipating Employer
Wayne WallaceSolar SourceParticipating Employer
Bob ZrallackSolar Energy SystemsParticipating Employer